50 movie scenes which highlight great leadership

The eBook that helps you find the right scenes to transform your leadership training and presentations – quickly and easily! 

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If only everyone was enthused by leadership development. Sadly, this isn’t the case. But inject something different and you may find even the most cynical leader getting involved. Use the power of movies!

Movies are great for role modelling leadership behaviour, for generating discussion and creating interest. It’s easy to find suggestions for movies that model leadership – ask your friends or search the web and you’ll find lots of suggestions.

But it’s often impractical to use full-length movies in a learning context. Short, self-contained scenes which role model leadership behaviour are far more practical.

You could spend many hours watching movies to try to find relevant scenes. But wouldn’t it be easier if that work had been done for you?


50 movie scenes which highlight great leadership is a 48-page eBook describing 50 scenes which model great leadership behaviour, from over 20 well-known movies.

To make it easier to find relevant scenes to meet your needs, the book’s chapters reflect Kouzes and Posner’s five leadership practices described in The Leadership ChallengeChallenge the Process, Inspire a Shared Vision, Enable Others to Act, Model the Way and Encourage the Heart.

screenshot from inside pageEach scene has been specially selected to work as a self-contained clip to promote discussion around a specific leadership behaviour. Its description includes:

  • a short synopsis of the movie and what happens in the scene
  • notes on why it successfully models the behaviour described
  • scene length and exact timing of where it appears in the film
  • DVD/iTunes availability and a link to the Internet Movie Database where you can find further information about each movie including trailers and clips.


A small investment in 50 movie scenes which highlight great leadership will allow you to:

  • quickly find specific scenes to meet your needs
  • invest only in the movies you need
  • add a more engaging dimension to leadership training, presentations or events

You can get more information on how to include movie scenes in your learning events in the How to guide.

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